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Low Budget Trucks

We always have a selection of trucks for 
#22.99 a pair - such as Cargo, Havoc, 
Krown, Essentials and more in a variety of 
colors - we always have 8 or more colors to choose from....so anyone can build a 
skateboard - these trucks are qualtiy and
most are almost exactly like Thunder trucks.

Popsicle Trucks

We carry many well known names and sizes from mini trucks to 8.5"  trucks...names like Independent, Destructo, Tensor, Thunder, Silver, Caliber, Independent, Krux, Venture and more. We can also order your favorites.

Longboard Trucks

Again, we carry various brands and styles of longboard style trucks like Gullwing, Tracker, Havoc, Slant, Z-flex and others - we can order your favorite!

Skateboard and
Longboard Wheels

We carry many well known names and sizes from 49mm to 76mm wheels.
Your favorite brands like Bones, Spitfire, Ricta, and others. We always have blank wheels for $10 a set - YES, that's only $10 for wheels, so if money is tight, you can always replace your wheels.
For Longboards, we carry Abec 11, Cloud 9, Bigfoot and other brands - Center and onside cut.


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